Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Luther On Baptism And Original Sin

"In all Christian earnestness I would ask all those who administer baptism, who hold the children, or witness it, to take this wonderful work to heart in all its seriousness. For here, in the words of these prayers, you hear how meekly and earnestly the Christian church concerns itself about the lilttle child and how it confesses before God in plain undoubting words that he is possessed by the devil and is a child of sin and wrath, and prays very diligently for aid and grace through baptism that he may become a child of God." Luther's Baptism Liturgy, AE Vol. 53 p. 101.

The Philadelphia edition of Luther's Works translates the above paragraph in part: "For here in the words of this prayer you hear how plaintively, pitifully, and earnestly the Christian Church concerns itself about the little child, etc." This gives a better picture of the creature before the Creator.

If more were aware of man's sinful nature and subsequent condemnation, there would be a far greater urgency to hear the gospel and partake of the sacraments, the gospel would be received as something wonderful, and there would yet be rejoicing among us.

The lack of this is due to rampant  Antinomianism in the ALC as many reject the right preaching of the holy Law of God. Some don't mind hearing of surface sins preached, but will not hear the truth of the spiritually dead condition of man by natural birth. This is the worst form of Antinomianism by which men call God a liar and deny Christ.

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