Thursday, August 18, 2011

Drastic Changes

"This dumb, deaf, blind, and demon-possessed man represents all the children of Adam, who through the flesh are possessed of Satan in original sin, so that they must be his slaves and do according to his will."

"Here he shows us both heaven and hell, death and life, wrath and grace, and reveals unto us our sins and ruined condition, so that we may be awakened on account of it, because we hear that a man as soon as he is born, naturally belongs to the devil and is condemned. This is part of this constraint, by which one is terrified at the wrath of God and desires grace and help from him."

I know many reject Luther, but there might be a few elect souls whom God will yet lead to the knowledge of the truth. I therefore quoted from two of his sermons as he preached concerning Original Sin. Truly there was rejoicing in Heaven when such sinners were given the grace to hear and believe the gospel! Many ask where the rejoicing has gone from among us. I assert and assure you that it is gone with the right preaching of the Law.

The teaching of Original Sin was very clearly taught in the Reformation and Awakening times, and was accepted as a common and ordinary saying. Today, however, people rise up angrily against this teaching. I fear it is because they are unawakened, and the judgment of damnation by God against them has never been experienced. Revelation of sin goes no deeper for them than actual sin, do's and don'ts. When they clean up their act they are converted, and if they fall into a sin on their conviction list they simply confess it to 'put it away'. They teach that all are born saved and if we lead a good life and make confession of our sins we will stay saved. God's judgment is always pending, and if we toe the line we will escape it.

The truth is, God's judgment has already been pronounced against the sinful race of Adam, and this judgment applies to all, youngest to oldest. This is because of our inward corruption which we cannot change or confess away. We need to be delivered from this state, born again, thoroughly washed and purged. This comes when one hears and believes the gospel; that Christ has died for your sins and by faith in His blood you are completely cleansed and justified. You are now by the operation of the Holy Spirit dead to sin and alive unto righteousness. This is God's promise, a blood Covenant in which He sees and remembers your sins no more, but sees you as holy and righteous, without spot or blemish. This applies to all sinners, youngest to oldest, upon whom God now, by this Gospel, shows favor and promises to pour out blessings upon them even unto eternal life.

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