Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Message From Laestadius to the Awakened Sinner

Laestadius, New Postilla, Sermon #87:
"When Luther wrote to the doubting ones and prisoners of unbelief, "Commit yet more sin, but believe even more firmly; sin we must commit as long as we live. The Lamb who taketh away the sin of the world must not become separated from us, by sin, even if we committed adultery or murder a thousand times a thousand in one day." Do you hear, meek devils, what doctrine this is? You prisoners of unbelief, do you consider it a right doctrine when he says to commit yet more sin and preaches so strongly of faith that the whole kingdom of the Pope was confounded and wroth. The Pope's priests said, "This Luther's preaching of faith is the speech of one possessed, and the abomination of false doctrine, when he says that sin cannot separate us from the Saviour; even if we had committed adultery and murder a thousand times a day, yet must we believe. Is this doctrine of Luther a true doctrine?" In the ears of the papists it sounds as if the devil himself had risen up from hell to proclaim such an abomination of false doctrine, but he that understands these words of Luther rightly must know it to be true gospel and that man who is truly awakened surely knows that he has committed adultery and murder, if not a thousand times, at least seven times a day; nevertheless, he must believe that he is a Christian and a child of God.

"Thus Luther preaches the gospel to the prisoners of unbelief. Is this a true doctrine, you sorrowful, penitent, doubting, and prisoners of unbelief? Is this a true doctrine which Luther preaches to you? Is it possible to believe that this gospel of Luther is a true gospel when the papists say that this is the talk of a man possessed and the abomination of false doctrine? I say unto you now, you prisoners of unbelief, if you are able to believe what Luther preaches in this passage, you may prove if this doctrine is of God. Now it will depend only on this that you believe that it is of God; then you may know and prove that it is of God. If you do not believe, then you will remain in your sins and to you the gospel of Luther will change into the gospel of the devil in your mind and you must say as the the papists, "Such a doctrine is exactly the doctrine of a devilish man and the abomination of a false doctrine.

"How is it, you penitent souls? Is the gospel of Luther a true gospel? Are you able to believe that such a one is a Christian who commits adultery and murder a thousand times a day? I believe that all whores and murders who believe this gospel shall be saved, but they who do not believe this gospel of Luther will fall into hell, even though they had not committed adultery nor murdered even once. Remember now that they who believe shall get into heaven. There they may rejoice and be glad in the wedding of the Lamb, There they may sing the new song, Amen, Hallelujah! There the sun shines overhead. There may the penitent and believing whores dance on the golden floor of Heaven in the throng clad in white garments, forevermore. Amen." End Sermon.

Is this not enough to raise us up to sit and rejoice in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus? God be praised for His wonderful gift of salvation!

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