Thursday, December 2, 2010

From Zion Still There Soundeth Forth

From Zion still there soundeth forth, Melodious songs of praise,
From sinners whom the Lord of love, From death to life hath raised,
To Heaven's realm they now ascend, Where jasper walls resound,
All praise of earth and Heav'n to Him, Whose love the sinner found.

Yea worthy is the Lamb alone, All honor to receive,
For sin the Book of Life had closed, Death reigned o'er Adam's seed,
Till here in Christ came counsels old, Of faithfulness and truth,
And He alone was worthy found, The mighty seals to loose.

What mighty battle He did wage, With garments rolled in blood,
And overhead, what banner fair, His never ending love.
Christ, our High Priest and Offering, Was wounded in our stead,
And with His Covenantal blood, The Book He sprinkled red.

A blest New Cov'nant now we own, His blood our cause hath sealed,
Our sins forever blotted out, Iniquity removed.
Of His travail upon the cross, The Father there did see,
His wrath poured out, His judgment now, eternally appeased.

Our light affliction we must bear, A few more steps below,
But be thou ever mindful of, The blessings now bestowed,
A mercy Fountain here doth flow, To wash away our sin,
Which groweth to a river great, waters in which to swim.

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